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Christmas is here!

22 Dec

I am such a super Christmas dork (or so I have been told)! At the end of November, I am eagerly waiting for the perfect time to put up the tree, and take out all my festive decorations! As Christmas day draws near I am both excited and a little sad. I love the build up to Christmas, and when it is so close, I know it’ll be over in a few short days. On the other hand I am so excited to spend time with family and friends, and see the world through my children’s eyes! As much fun as Santa, gingerbread, reindeer, egg nog and candy canes are – I know the true meaning of Christmas is something that can be celebrated all year long! JESUS. This day is a reminder of Jesus’ birth – the day that changed history. This little baby would one day be responsible for saving the world. So if you can, in the middle of this bustling season, take time to really remember what it is all about.


Happy Holidays!