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Pumpkin, buttons, and children

6 Oct

I love fall! This is a few pictures of my beautiful kids creating their own special pumpkins! Enjoy!

Be inspired by the the simple pleasures in life – one of mine is this season!



Looking Forward

30 Jul

Lets just say that I have been extremely blessed with the responses that I have been getting for my Paperdoll products. I am so lucky to have such great supporters, and fantastic family and friends. I have been thrown for a few loops over the last few weeks, but I am ready to leave it behind me and forge ahead onto the bright future I have in front of me! I am so proud of my accomplishments thus far, and am looking forward to what is in store for the future! I am looking forward to new ideas, products and creating some more of my signature pieces! Fall – I am ready for the season (business wise at least!!!) Summer though…don’t be on a hurry to leave just yet!