Back to work…

30 Aug

I just finished posting pics of new product in my shop! I am pleased with how they turned out – and I love the new stuff! I still have a couple tricks up my sleeve, and will be posting them as I have stuff made.

I am working on another order for Purr Petite , and am starting to think about getting a whole lot of product made for the Calgary Mommylicious Trade Fair in November!!

Here are some pics of new product, stop by my shop for more pics and product!



23 Aug

Almost one full week after coming home from holidays, and I have four almost full suitcases sitting in my bedroom waiting to be unpacked….

We had the most amazing time. We did it all! Disney, beaches, shop (and we did a lot of that), eat, drink and we even squeezed in a baseball game!! The week really did fly by, but we were really missing our kidlets at home..strange?!? I cannot believe it had been 7 whole years since we did that last, and I truly hope it isn’t another 7 before we do it again!!

We visited a little beach town called St. Augustine, the oldest city in North America – and it was FANTASTIC! It is full of many of N.A firsts and even firsts in the world! The buildings are so amazing – I could not take enough pics! Home to the fountain of youth and  the worlds first indoor swimming pool, this place is fantastic! I really could live there….at the beach there we were able to watch dolphins swim and play only a short distance away from where we were – it was spectacular.

So now I am home – the peaceful quiet I had for a week has now been broken with tears, laughter, screams, fighting, t.v, and toys. But I love it here, at home.

the Sunshine State

6 Aug

This weekend the hubs and I are taking off! We have not been away alone together since our honeymoon 7 long years ago!!! 7 years ago we traveled to Florida, visiting Miami, Orlando, and St. Petersburg – and here we are years later going back to the very same place! We will be staying in Orlando, but making many day trips to other parts of the state to see the sights, walk the beaches, shop, eat and be ALONE. wow.

Being caught up in life here, has kept my mind busy – so this break is very welcomed and much needed! When I walk out these doors Sunday morning, I will leave my world behind for 8 glorious days, and RELAX!


Looking Forward

30 Jul

Lets just say that I have been extremely blessed with the responses that I have been getting for my Paperdoll products. I am so lucky to have such great supporters, and fantastic family and friends. I have been thrown for a few loops over the last few weeks, but I am ready to leave it behind me and forge ahead onto the bright future I have in front of me! I am so proud of my accomplishments thus far, and am looking forward to what is in store for the future! I am looking forward to new ideas, products and creating some more of my signature pieces! Fall – I am ready for the season (business wise at least!!!) Summer though…don’t be on a hurry to leave just yet!


Hard at Work…

28 Jul

I have been busy! This is a look at a custom order that I had to fill in less than two days…good for business, bad for missing the sunshine on a fantastic day…

wanna see more?

Sleepy King

22 Jul

I was delighted when I stumbled across this fantastic shop! Sleepy King makes quirky, unique, and I might say fantastic little plushies.  Creating all the creatures in the forest, and giving each one a name and a personality! Each animal has its own story to tell under its description…for example:

“Philomena Petunia is a daydreamer and a procrastinator. Instead of doing her dishes and laundry she dreams about riding miniature ponies in Portugal.” This little bunny is definitely a girl after my own heart!

Please visit Sleepy King’s fantastic Etsy shop and spend some time getting to know these perfect little creatures!

I love marigolds

12 Jul

I just finished this headband yesterday…love the color scheme. It looks so cute on my little girl. I know that it would look fantastic on any little girl! Remember to check out my Etsy site, and spread the word about the Christmas in July Sale!!! 3 days to go…